Short Stories


This is a nine page short story about relationships, loss, spiritual awakening, mothers and daughters, courage, and self-preservation. This is my very first fiction piece and I loved writing it! It began in the middle and then needed both a beginning and an ending. The inspiration to turn the main character, Natalie, into a reporter and freelance writer came from all the interesting journalism courses I have taken. Fiction writing, I discovered, became a quick favourite of mine. I can’t wait for my Novel Writing course in the winter semester of 2015.

          Natalie reaches in and pulls from the steel mailbox the usual few envelopes and her treasured Times Colonist. She scans its front-page feature story about Oak Bay councillors voting unanimously in favour of reducing a burgeoning deer population by culling. After months and months of protests, the results don’t surprise her. Typical, she thinks, and then tucks the paper under her arm and reaches down to let Louie from his leash. Louie’s long, powerful legs dig into the dewy dirt beneath him; she smiles in wonder. He’s half way back home, down the road, in no time, his multi-coloured spotted coat glistening against the morning sun. He has a flexible spine and a slim build, like a cheetah. Of course, Dennis would prefer she keep Louie on his leash for the walk there and back, to help train him in obedience, but that’s Dennis’s job. He can be the disciplinarian when it comes to the dogs, and she’ll tackle the real trouble-makers, like those unruly idiots at City Council.

        “You won’t believe this morning’s headlines,” Natalie says, approaching Dennis as she removes her light vest and places it, along with the morning mail, on the patio table. Dennis looks up quietly, kneeling to adjust Queenie’s muzzle. Queenie is one of the only two greyhounds that are still in training to race.

               “Actually, I retract—you’ll have no problem believing City Council has voted to please the fervent protectors of their lush gardens.”

         Dennis smiles before answering. “Fabulous. Once the rabbits and deer are taken care of, the upper echelons of Oak Bay can next cull the racoons and squirrels.” He laughs triumphantly with a wink toward Natalie and finishes his manifesto with, “Care for a little critter pate instead of a Bambi burger? Consider it choice delicacy.”

Fiction Story written 11/2013

Read the Complete Short Story


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